Saturday, March 03, 2007

Intuitive Awareness - Sati-sampajanna
by Ajahn Sumedho

Intuitive Awareness - sati-sampajanna, which means clear comprehension
We may have a clear definition of something, but that is not the same as clear comprehension. Sati-sampajanna includes fogginess, confusion, uncertainty and insecurity. It is a clear comprehension of what confusion is, what insecurity is and recognizing that they are like this.
It is easier to be told what to do, given a method. But we never get to the root of the cause, which is "I am this person that needs something in order to become enlightened." If you stick to method, you may never question or see beyond the ignorant perceptions of yourself. It is much more skillful to really question, really look into these perceptions you have of yourself.
The personality view - sakkaya-ditthi with the silabbatparamasa, which is the attachment to rituals and techniques and vicikiccha, which is doubt are the first three fetters that hide the path and keep us from seeing the way of non-suffering.

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