Friday, December 09, 2011

Lamp to the Path of Enlightenment Part 4

(32) If you train yourself well in the three
trainings of ethical discipline
By living in accord with the vows
that are the very nature of engaged bodhichitta
And which are a cause for purifying completely
your body, speech, and mind,
Your respect for the three trainings in ethical
discipline will increase.

(33) Through this (will come) the completely
purified, full state of enlightenment;
For, by exerting yourself in the vows of the
bodhisattva vows, You will fully complete the
networks needed For total enlightenment.

(34) As for the cause that will fully complete
these networks Having the nature of positive
force and deep awareness, All the Buddhas have
asserted that it is The development of advanced

(35) Just as a bird without fully developed wings
Cannot fly in the sky,
Likewise lacking the force of advanced awareness,
You will be unable to fulfill the aims of
limited beings.

(36) Whatever positive force is had in a day
and a night By someone possessing advanced
awareness Is not had even in a hundred lifetimes
By someone lacking advanced awareness.

(37) Therefore, if you would wish to fully complete,
Quickly, the networks for total enlightenment,
Make effort and thereby come to attain
Advanced awareness. It is not to be had by the lazy.

(38) Someone who has not achieved a stilled settled
mind Will not attain advanced awareness.
Therefore, repeatedly exert effort
To actualize a stilled settled mind.

(39) However, should the factors for a stilled
settled mind be weak, Then even if you have meditated
with great effort
And even if for thousands of years,
You will not attain single-minded concentration.

(40) Therefore, maintain well the factors mentioned
In the chapter on A Network for Single-Minded
Concentration. Then place your mind on something
constructive: Namely one of the appropriate
objects of focus.

(41) When a yogi actualizes a stilled settled mind,
He or she attains as well advanced awareness.
Training in Higher Discriminating Awareness
However, if you have failed to apply yourself
to far-reaching discriminating awareness,
You will be unable to deplete the obscurations.

(42) Therefore, in order to rid yourself of all
obscurations, without exception, Regarding the
disturbing emotions and knowable phenomena,
Always meditate on the yoga of far-reaching
discriminating awareness Together with methods.

(43) This is because discriminating awareness
lacking methods As well as methods lacking
discriminating awareness
Have been said still to be bondage.
Therefore, never abandon having both.

(44) To get rid of doubts concerning
What is discriminating awareness and what
are methods, I shall clarify the actual division
Between methods and discriminating awareness.

(45) The Triumphant One has explained that
Leaving aside far-reaching discriminating awareness,
All networks of constructive factors,
Such as far-reaching generosity and so forth,
are the methods.